Google Plus+1 Secret

The Secret way to Increase Your Google Rankings Quickly and Legally!

  • Do you want your Website in Google SUPER fast?
  • Do you want more Visitors for a specific page of your website?
  • Do you want to Increase your Google Page Rank?
  • Do you want to increase your Google Ranking for your whole website very Fast?

What is it?
People with Google accounts can add “+ 1″ to sites that they liked, the More people that like your site the Higher Google Ranks You.

What does it do?

  • Google +1 Raises the Ranking of Individual Pages of your website and overall as a whole.
  • Visitors are more likely to use YOUR site over someone with no +1s.
  • Visitors who have added +1 to your website will always find Your website higher in the Rankings if they search for Your topic again.
  • Visitors to your site will see you have +1s and gladly give you a +1 too.

Think of it as a World-Wide “Favorites List.”

What You need to do…
No Special coding required. Simply Order below! You’ll want at Least 500 per URL to get real Ranking movement, more if you’re in a very competitive market. Call Us if you have questions!

If you would like to Track your +1s you’ll need to setup a Google Analytics account (free) and install the code on your website for the tracking. +1s are listed in the WebMaster Tools section under “+1 Metrics”

Is there a down side?
There is no such thing as a Negative 1 or -1. You are either getting +1s or you are not. Most folks don’t know about it so they are Not. Which means Our +1s can raise YOUR Ranking above Your competition. +1s last Forever!

What to expect…
If you have Google Analytics you’ll begin seeing the +1s come in. We start this off slow so your Rankings can climb more naturally.

If you do not have Google Analytics you’ll simply see your Google Ranking begin to climb and traffic increasing without doing anything special to your website.

When does it start?
You’ll begin feeling the effects of your new +1s within Days, but it can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete the full cycle especially the larger packages. We are talking about Real people afterall.

After You Order…
We’ll contact you by email within 24 hours to get your URL/s and how you want the count divided between them. No Facebook pages/photos, No Banner Farms, No Illegal content.