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Payment Policy and Extras

CMS Website Design Payments
We only ask for Half down of the Total to get into our schedule with the remaining half and any “after-thought” extras billed AFTER the site is completed and you are another Happy Client! Half Down refunds are prorated based on the amount of effort and research envolved on the project to the time of the request.

Our Custom CMS Website Design Fees
We are called a “Flat Fee” Website Design Firm because we do NOT charge any Hourly fees and strongly recommend you never hire a firm that does, as you have No idea when they are just sitting on their butts doing nothing. A Hourly fee payment is not motivation to completing Projects and having happy clients. Good Website Design Firms know Exactly how long a project should take and are able to account for that when giving a Free Quote. Contract by Request

Custom CMS Website Design Quotes & Extras
We try to factor in any extras when we do your free Website Design Quote over the phone but sometimes along the way clients will want to add something, that extra “something” goes into the Last Half payment due. There are NEVER any wacko surprise charges, We discuss Everything with you and the costs BEFORE we add that extra!

We are Firm believers that the Client IS always Right and we will do Exactly as you request BUT….part of what you are paying us for is Our knowledge and experience! If you ask for something that is Unadvised we will tell you and try to figure out a simular solution to achieve your goals. Giving us a little freedom usually produces the best results.

CMS Website Design FAQs

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
Nope. Free Website Hosting for 12 months (within hosting package limits), Free Express Search Engine Submission for 12 months, The Design Price+extras you want added during the creation of the site which we’ll tell you cost for At the time.

Q: How much is Website Hosting After the Free 12 months?
A: For Website Design clients Website Hosting is just $35 PER YEAR after first free year and is optional! Over the years we’ve found its just easier for clients if we integrate Hosting into the Website Design Packages, that way we KNOW the servers are configured Exactly right and speeds the design process up drastically. You are able to move your website to another hosting service at any time.

Q: How much is Express Search Engine Submission After the Free 12 months?
Express Search Engine Submission is $49.95 Per YEAR after the first Free year. This insures the first swing at the search engines is done Correctly for Maximum Fast results.

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