Convert HTML Website Design to CMS Website Design Convert HTML Website Design to CMS Website Design

Convert HTML Website Design to CMS Website Design

Our Custom solutions to convert html to cms website design will quickly improve your life by cutting your website maintenance costs while Raising your Search Engine Rankings and allow you to connect with customers through Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Convert to CMS Website Design Process
Unlike other companies who offer conversion to cms design services, we do not “mash” code into your current site. We completely Rebuild a New site to look almost Exactly like your current one.

Why? Because older HTML is not W3C Standards Valid now and if we just mashed in the CMS with your current code not only would you not have ALL the amazing features of a CMS but it would also generate odd “bugs” causing Weird things to go wrong because of the clashing of old and new code mashed together. Last thing you want is for your website to repeatedly go down requiring expensive repairs.

We find it’s FAR easier and 100% Stable if we build the cms website design from scratch while keeping the “look” of your old site but all the functionality of a cms website design.

Features of our Convert to CMS Website Design Solutions

CMS Website Design Usability:

  • Easy for Beginners – Quick learning curve
  • Expandable for Experts – Even up to 10 Widget areas
  • No Programming Required – No HTML Knowledge needed
  • No Special Programs Required – Secure access from any computer
  • No 3rd Party Programs Required – It’s just you and your WordPress

CMS Website Design Optimization:

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs – Page names not numbers
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Faster and more Stable Rankings
  • CSS Level 3 Validation – More “Vibrant” and Professional appearance
  • W3C Standards Compliant – Best possible cross-browser compatibility
  • Auto Generated Menu Navigation – Ensures W3C Standards & CSS Validation

Our Convert HTML to CMS Website Design solutions will maintain the integrity of your business and seamlessly give you the ability to Add /Remove pages*, Update Content and manage your Search Engine Rankings much more effectively.

*Minimum Page count required for the Add /Remove pages option

Convert HTML Webstie Design to CMS Website Design