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Because editing your WordPress CMS is Very easy these Tutorials are simple.

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Start by opening a new window and logging into your WordPress Dashboard

CMS Website Design WordPress Editing Tips:

The “Undo”
If you messed up a page, in Edit Page… Scroll down on the page to be edited and you’ll see past saved versions of that page “Page Revisions“, just restore the last one before the mess-up! Warning: There is no saving yourself if you Deleted the page!

WordPress Gallery Picture Sizes
If your WordPress Gallery pics are to big or to small go to Settings>Media and change the sizes there. By Default WordPress Gallery is the Thumbnail setting. Keep in mind, these settings change Every Gallery on your website.

Not Enough Text Options Viewable?
When editing a WordPress page you see the bar with B I ABC… at the far right end of that bar you’ll see “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink“  Click that puppy!

HTML in WordPress
Putting HTML in WordPress is a little tricky, First click the HTML Tab just above your Text format options. Paste the HTML where you want it THEN Click the Visual tab THEN you can update/publish. Trick is going back to Visual mode before saving! We found only 1 Other post after 2+ Weeks of searching Google that mentions this tiny little trick that will save you ENDLESS headaches trying to make work! Make sure you WordPress-Format the HTML and you’re good to go!